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Reading Reflex

Reading Reflex

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Reading is the single most important skill for any child to develop. And the key to learning how to read effectively is recognizing the sounds that letters and words represent. With the help of the revolutionary system known as Phono-Graphix, you and your child can discover the sound-picture code that is the foundation of the written English language.

Help your child unlock the sound-picture code.

An effective and easy-to-understand approach, Phono-Graphix enables you to teach your child to read in one-tenth the time of phonics with a 100 percent success rate. In just eleven weeks, you can bring your kindergartner to first-grade-level reading—even learning-disabled children can reach grade level or higher in just twelve weeks.

Reading Reflex provides you with:

-Simple diagnostic tests to determine your child's reading level, and a Literacy Growth Chart so you'll know what goals to establish

-Detailed instructions and illustrations to help your child develop strong, consistent reading skills and to correct ineffective reading strategies such as part-word reading and memorizing

-Fun and easy-to-follow exercises, hands-on materials, worksheets, stories, and games that you and your child can do together

-Enjoyable lessons that are carefully constructed to meet the interests and capabilities of children of all ages

(NOTE: this is the US version of Reading Reflex. A version for the UK can be found in UK bookstores.)


OPTIONALLY ADD:  a downloadable PDF of all the manipulative, testing and story pages of Reading Reflex, if you don't want to cut up your book!

Or even better, order one of our Home Instruction Starter Kits, for a complete Reading Reflex toolkit!

     Home Instruction Starter Kit - for new/emerging readers

     Home Instruction Kit - for ages 6-10

     Home Instruction Kit - for teens and adults

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